Dragonfly Photography

Passion for Photography

Even as a child I have always had an eye for detail in nature and an intrigue for this amazing planet that we share with so many wonderful and often mysterious plants and animals.

The worlds we create for ourselves rarely allow us the 
privilege of exploring or for that matter even acknowledging 
the Truth of Mother Earth. We go for power walks with i-pods, eyes averted forward, caught up in our heads with ideas of what we should have done and what we have to do.  The gentleness that is our very essence is lost in our need to be trim, taut and terrific in everything we are and do. Without
the gentleness there is no harmony hence we 
separate from each other and our surroundings. We allow little time or opportunity to acknowledge that which we share our beautiful planet with.

The aim of my photography is to bring the viewer to the
place of stillness that was required for these photographs to 
be achieved in.  I ask nothing more of you than to share in 
that gentleness and stillness and explore the perfection of nature in these prints.  

Observe nature’s mandalas of the 
plant world, the sculptural and architectural feats parallel to none, the palette of colors side by side that are not always encouraged together in art school  and the natural designs 
not achieved in the fashion designers studio. All is perfect no matter how mammoth or minute.

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